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With almost a decade of expertise in the decorative concrete industry Tentex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has the capability and expertise to step up to the next level, seize new business opportunities and capture the international market.

Focusing on our niche products, we have much to offer to our customers. As major changes continue over the next decade, we believe that the challenging environment will create a new era of demand in the decorative concrete industry.

As today’s customers become more and more aesthetically conscious, we endeavour to ensure a wide array of project solutions and applications as our top priority in order to be an industry leader in this niche segment.

Being as main distributor and also applicator, Tentex houses the latest ‘state-of-the-art’ technology which will be able to cater for both local and international demand, highlighting the importance of quality and innovation.

Having said that, we are pleased to announce that Tentex has been able to capitalise on the opportunity and deliver consecutive years of positive growth alongside our current clients.

The sustained annual growth and very respectable improvements to our performance is a testimony to the actions introduced to counter the challenges posed by market conditions and spill over effects of the global economy.

Currently Tentex has carved a strong niche with a long list of local and international customers. We are committed to giving the best in terms of product integrity and world class service standards.


Tentex hunger bound to become a world-class supplier in the respected industry.

As we journey to become an ‘Icon in Business’, our world-renowned portfolio of products continues to set us apart from the competition and drive our market growth.

Perfectly designed to accompany different setup for different customers, our brands champion the tradition of quality, excellent and consistency that Tentex is respected for.

While profit and product quality are our priorities, we have been careful to ensure that we achieve them in a balanced, holistic and sustainable manner.

We will make sure this diverse portfolio of global icons promises to continue to captivate and satisfy our customers.



“Our vision is to not only be a player but also an innovator in the international decorative concrete industry through the use of advanced technology and aim to etch our name in the decorative cement market niche”.


Tentex is committed to promote and continuously develop a market niche for our line of products both regionally and internationally.  Our goals include:

  • To provide top of the line decorative cement to suit both domestic and commercial use for internal or external usage.
  • To maintain international standards for all our products and provide service with a smile meeting every requirement of our clients.
  • To continuously innovate and provide newer and more advanced implementation systems for our products.
  • To be the client’s preferred choice in the decorative concrete industry by maintaining the integrity of our services and products.
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