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Tentex™ New Concrete Solutions

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What is TentexTM New Concrete Solutions?
It is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to the new pouring concrete slab. It created a natural, elegant and stylish look further enhancing the appeal of your living environment.

How many colours and patterns are available?
For TentexTM Stamped Concrete, there are 20 colours and 12 patterns including borders available.

For TentexTM Stencil Pattern Concrete, there are 20 colours and 20 patterns including logos and borders available.

How thick is the product applied?
The products are applied approximately 2-3mm thick on to the wet concrete surface and a minimum of 2 coats should be applied to ensure that maximum colour and hardener strength is achieved.

Is TentexTM New Concrete Solutions suitable for all areas?
Due to the surface finish of Stamped Concrete, it is not recommended for steep sloping pavements or anywhere that may be subject to potential slip hazards. If a higher slip resistant surface is required, Stencil Pattern Concrete should be considered.

Does it crack or wear off?
When applied correctly, both of TentexTM Stamped Concrete and TentexTM Stencil Pattern Concrete are stronger and more durable than concrete.

Will the colour fade?
The pigments used are inorganic metal oxides, which are extremely UV and chemical resistant. A maximum of 5% shading variation may occur over a period of 5 years, but this is barely detectable to the human eye.

Can TentexTM New Concrete Solutions go over existing concrete?
No, it is designed to be used with wet concrete only. TentexTM Concrete Resurfacing System is the product best suited to go over existing concrete.

What is the maintenance required for both products?
Apart from the usual cleaning requirements of a decorative surface, it is recommended the surface is resealed every 18 months to two years (depending on in-service conditions).

What are the advantages of sealing?
It will reduce the level of dirt ingress into the concrete.

Is TentexTM New Concrete Solutions for the DIY installer?
As each site is unique, it is not recommended for the DIY market. Specific preparation must be undertaken so that the concrete is placed in a manner, which will ensure durability. It is therefore recommended that a licensed concrete contractor be employed.


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