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Concrete Resurfacing System

Tentex™ Concrete Resurfacing System

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What is Tentex™ Concrete Resurfacing System?
It is a cement based coating that transforms existing or plain concrete into works of art. It creates and excellent durability slip resistance and long lasting surface.

How many colors and pattern are available?
We have 20 colours and 20 patterns.

How thick is the Concrete Resurfacing System?
If a single base coat and 2 coats of spray on applied the surface may build up to approximately 3-5mm over the existing concrete.

Where can I use?
Recommend for use on the existing concrete surface with sound or solid condition. It suitable for driveways, terraces, carpoarch, pathways, entranceways, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, etc. Custom designed logos and motifs can also be created.

How long can it last?
A service life in excess of 15 years may be expected if applied in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

Why do I need a basecoat?
A basecoat is always recommended in the Spray On process. This is to add uniformity and to improve the overall look of the final job.

Can I have a different basecoat colour?
Yes, you can choose a different basecoat for your job.

How often do I need to reseal?
You can resealed every 18 months to two years with an approved TentexTM Decorative Concrete Sealer.

Can I do Spray On myself?
Tentex™ Concrete Resurfacing System is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. We recommend you use an experienced applicator to undertake the job.


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